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Still nothing December, 11 2001
*Sigh* El is slow.. Still nothing

Update December, 6 2001
Hey all, Waiting for Elissaios to send me his improved Peeping Tom version he had done when Peeping Tom first was released. Porting will proceed then. I hope to have it finished as soon as possible. Im also helping Ckob port Desecrated Earth to C++. I like that game hehe :)

1.04b Source Released July 24, 2001
I decided to release the Delphi source before I was done with the other ports. Forgive me for my long idling on the port. It's hard work trying to get everything together with CES and do this port too :). I'll be working hard trying to get these ports finished ASAP.

1.04b Released July 13, 2001
There is yet another release for Peeping Tom! This one adds an Options dialog to the program and now the Peeping Tom window information is saved. (See History File For Details.)

1.01b Released July 12, 2001
There is yet another release for Peeping Tom! This one fixes several errors in the program. (See History File For Details.)

First Release July 11, 2001
The first release of Peeping Tom has been released to the public. This is the beta version so it may contain some bugs or errors, if so please report them to Disk2. MacDeath is currently working on the C++ port, so we should be getting the port shortly too.